Sunflower Oil شراء في عمان
    Sunflower Oil شراء في عمان
    العملة JOD
    Sunflower Oil شراء في عمان
    شراء Sunflower Oil
    Sunflower Oil

    Sunflower Oil

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      الأردن, عمان
    الخصائص التقنية
    • نوع من الزيوت النباتيةعباد الشمس
    Our company " Ararat International Est." is one of the leading trading and supply companies in Jordan
    We have world wide connection and good experience with our partners in many countries .
    Our offered commodities and Products we are offering directly from the best and famous manufactures in the world, directly , without any intermediaries . That's why our offers always is very competitive and best in the market
    We are offering the following products and commodities
    1. Fertilizers Urea, DAP, MOP
    2.Grains, Wheat, Feed Barley, Yellow Corn, Bird feed
    3. Sunflower Oil
    4. Steel Products, Steel Debars, Wire Road, Billets
    5. Seamless and ERW pipe lines according to the API standards , any size and dimensions
    6. MAN trucks with deferred payment one year
    7. Construction equipment and Machinery , Mixer Trucks, Concrete Pumps and ect
    8. Cement OPC 42,5N
    9. White Refined Can Sugar Icumsa 45
    We are very flexible and ready to provide you the best service with the best competitive prices .
    Our Delivery terms is CIF, C&F and FOB
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    Sunflower Oil
    Sunflower Oil
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